1. When and where Startup Village is taking place?

June 2nd and 3rd, 2015, Skolkovo innovation center.


2. How to get to Skolkovo Technopark by car?

We remind you that no parking is available at the Technopark premises. You are welcome to use guest parking and free shuttles.



Directions to Skolkovo Technopark: https://startupvillage.ru/venue/en

Taxi Service information


3. Badge and registration?

Registration and payment options will be available online. Badge pick-up will be available at the event and in Moscow days prior to the event. (Exact location TBA).


4. What to wear?

Casual dress code is most recommended for this open-air event. Checking the forecast is recommended though weather tends to be nice at this time of year. Ladies, we highly recommend not to wear high heels.


5. What to bring?

Passport for the registration. Items of comfort such as sunscreen and sunglasses or raincoat with a sweater, depending on weather conditions.


6. What if it rains?

Don’t worry about it, we won’t let you get wet. Almost all structures will have roof.


7. What about food supply?

Several cafes will be organized on the premises. Information about their operation will be updated before the event.


8. English speaking?

English and Russian will be the official languages of the Startup Village. Simultaneous translation will be available.


9. Where to stamp a business trip permit?

At the registration booth.


10. Need a Hotel?

Hotel that we recommend you can see at the accomodation page


11. Where to follow Startup Village event?


12. Startup Village Social Media?

Hash tag #SUV15


13. How to register and work with personal weboffice?


All information about work with registration and personal weboffice you can see on help page.



Additional Information please call

+ 7 495 956 00 33